Nobody's Fuel - an engineer's guide to saving the planet

Nobody's Fuel - an engineer's guide to saving the planet

An Inconvenient Truth meets Baraka

On a road trip to the heart of an ailing planet with a message of hope
This one-off documentary about nuclear energy may change the way you see
the greening of the planet.

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The Problem
Our world has been built on fossil fuels.

Indeed, energy is needed every day, everywhere, and the need is growing. But, energy from fossil fuels is like a giant bank account; and for Planet Earth, those funds are dangerously close to being overdrawn.
“It is distressing to realize that our primary fuels will begin an inexorable decline this century. The result is that we will have difficulty even maintaining our current energy expenditure rate — let alone continuing our historical 3% annual energy growth rate. A major adjustment is in the offing.“ [1]

What can we do?

Solar, Wind & Biomass technologies are scurrying to be claimed the solution for our global energy crisis; but none of them can hope to provide a fraction of our needs. And the longer we wait for a magic solution, the more of our precious fossil fuels, so essential for transport, are being used up. Peak oil is soon upon us.
Planet earth is in a tenuous position.

Yet, there is another source of power, a solution that can, in fact, meet our needs: Nuclear Power.

Nuclear Power, though, has a bad reputation.

Chernobyl. . . Fukushima. . .

In just one word, a dark cloud looms in the collective memory.

Why? We need to examine whether those fears about nuclear energy, are rooted in fact or fiction.

The Film
Retired Engineer Douglas Lightfoot is not ready to retire. A mechanical engineer during his 37 year professional career, Mr. Lightfoot, an environmentalist and humanitarian, has turned his retirement into a mission, of sorts. Elder statesman, Douglas Lightfoot sees the solution to the world’s energy crisis very clearly. Nuclear energy. For him, it’s a practical solution, with a hopeful message, and one that he has come to over many years of research, with many peer reviewed, published papers, to his credit. He is not alone in this conclusion, yet, the truth about nuclear energy is overshadowed by an emotional hue and cry in some corners.

Mr. Lightfoot takes his nuclear advocacy message on the road to university campuses, church halls, and the rooms of the Parliament buildings. Along the way he faces antinuclear objections, with his calm, convicted, matter of fact style. He’ll visit some key Solar, Wind and Bio-mass operations to get to the bottom of claims that they are ‘the next big thing’ for the planet. We will meet staunch environmentalists, both for and against nuclear energy and see how their opposing points of view stand up to the solid science. The Media’s role in the perpetuation of certain nuclear energy myths, will be examined, because the media, as always will be on the alert to report and - spin the news.

The Science
Douglas Lightfoot’s hypothesis is the culmination of steady research since 1992. It is a robust analysis based on sound science of the world's energy supply problem. We now know that high quality fossil fuel reserves are finite, and that we are indeed approaching peak oil.

Lightfoot explains why energy conservation, increases in energy efficiency, renewable energies, and the hydrogen economy cannot solve the energy problem. However, nuclear energy using fast breeder reactors can provide the world with energy for tens of thousands of years. Starting now to make the transition from fossil fuel to nuclear energy may avoid catastrophic future energy supply disruptions.

By 2100, oil and natural gas will become scarce and the best coal will have been mined. The time for a big blackout is, in fact, just around the corner.The film will systematically deconstruct all the alternative energy sources on everyone’s minds today – solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and present the facts as to how much or how little they will be able to serve us.
For Mr. Lightfoot, the only question left unanswered is: Why Not Nuclear? And more importantly, why not the fast breeder nuclear reactors, now? The film will explore who or what might be standing in the way of nuclear energy technology, today.

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[1] Tom Murray